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5/5/2004 6:03:36 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
New York--We Need You at the Rally for Homeschool Freedom in Albany!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

May 5, 2004

New York--We Need You at the Rally for Homeschool Freedom in Albany!

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

This year's Homeschool Legislative Rally day, sponsored by Loving
Education at Home (LEAH), is fast approaching!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 11th, and plan on bringing your
whole family to Albany. It is imperative for you and your family to
come to Albany and make your voices heard!

Since the New York Assembly does not hold hearings, this is the
homeschoolers opportunity to be heard on two very important issues:
The "homeschool freedom bill," A4598, which will end 75% of the
regulations on homeschooling and the "homeschool anti-college
discrimination bill", S.B. 6094.

This year the Senate version of the Homeschool Freedom Bill, Senate
Bill 2060, has again passed the full Senate unanimously. However, the
bill is being held up in the Assembly. The Assembly needs to know how
important this bill is to homeschool families.

Another issue that HSLDA and LEAH are working on is the college
discrimination issue that many homeschool graduates are experiencing
when trying to gain admission to the New York state colleges and
universities. We have drafted a bill, Senate Bill 6094 to solve the

In order for the Assembly and the press to know that homeschoolers
care about their freedoms we need you in Albany! The more people who
are able to come to the Homeschool Legislative Rally day, the more
impact this message will have.

If only a hundred people show up, the effect will be minimal. If a
thousand people show up, the Assembly will sit up and take notice!

Make May 11, 2004, a field trip for your entire family and help get
important legislation for homeschool freedom enacted into law!

Requested Action

(1) By far, the most influential method of communicating with your
state legislators is by personal contact. Please bring your whole
family to Albany on May 11, 2004, for the Homeschool Legislative
Rally. The Homeschool Legislative Rally will begin at noon on the
West side of the Capitol building.

Before coming to the Homeschool Legislative Rally, we urge you to
schedule a meeting with your Assemblyman and/or state Senator before
or after the rally. The rally will last about 45 minutes.

There will be handouts provided at the rally. You can also download
the handouts at

Tell all your homeschooling friends about the need to attend and
organize car pools to Albany.

The rally will provide you with the opportunity to influence your
legislators and the educational bureaucrats to put an end to policies
which discriminate against homeschoolers in college admissions, and
to ask our legislators to pass bills S2060 / A4598, which will reduce
the homeschool regulations by 75%.

(2) If you are unable to come to Albany other ways of communicating
with your legislator include phone and e-mail. Please take time to
call or e-mail your Assembly member about this important legislation.

Please contact the Assembly Education Committee and give them this

"Please bring Assembly Bill 4598/Senate Bill 2060 for a vote. These
bills will relieve public school officials and homeschooling parents
from burdensome and costly administrative tasks. Home educators have
earned the right to regulatory relief after demonstrating their
success under the current law for the past 15 years."

Assembly Education Committee Members

Assemblyman Steven Sanders - Chairman

Assemblywoman Carmen E. Arroyo

Assemblyman James F. Brennan

Assemblywoman Barbara M. Clark

Assemblyman James D. Conte

Assemblyman Ruben Diaz Jr.

Assemblyman Thomas P. DiNapoli

Assemblywoman Patricia A. Eddington

Assemblyman Steve Englebright

Assemblywoman Aurelia Greene

Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper

Assemblywoman Susan V. John

Assemblyman Tom Kirwan

Assemblyman Steven L. Labriola

Assemblyman John W. Lavelle

Assemblyman William B. Magnarelli

Assemblyman Joel M. Miller

Assemblyman Matthew Mirones

Assemblyman William L. Parment

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin

Assemblyman Philip Ramos

Assemblyman Bill Reilich

Assemblywoman Teresa R. Sayward

Assemblyman William Scarborough

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava

Assemblyman Scott Stringer

Assemblyman Robert K. Sweeney

Assemblyman Ronald C. Tocci

Assemblyman Paul D. Tonko

You can call and thank the sponsor who is also on the Education

Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg

To see more information on these and other bills HSLDA is monitoring
in New York, visit our website at:

We look forward to seeing you there!


Chris Klicka
HSLDA Senior Counsel

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