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Home School Foundation Report

September/October 2003

HSF Report Feature Story
Dreams Come True - The Patrick Henry Scholarship Fund

Fall sunshine graces the red brick buildings of the Patrick Henry
College campus, and the halls are once again filled with students.
Behind many of these faces animated with conversation and bent in
study are amazing stories of God's working so that they might come to
PHC. The Home School Foundation has been able to be part of the
stories of seven new freshmen. Adrienne Cumbus and Adam Nicholson,
two recipients of the Patrick Henry College Scholarship Fund,
recently spoke with HSF about their experiences.

An articulate dark-haired North Carolinian, Adam Nicholson is a
Government major pursuing the public policy track. Not yet sure of
the specific life direction he will head in, he nevertheless knows
the general direction. "I see myself as shaping the public ideals for
government, trying to bring Biblical ideas to bear on the process."
Attracted by the traditional idea of the principled statesman he is
considering involvement in the actual public policy process.
However, he also envisions himself combining that zeal for government
with his love of writing, and working as a sort of 21st century
pamphleteer to influence public thought.

For Adam, PHC was his top choice when it came time to choose a
college. He first learned about PHC when he was in 9th grade, and
soon found that it was not just a Christian school, but one with a
defined vision. By the time he took a campus tour in the spring of
his junior year, it was "PHC or bust for me." However, financial
aid was an issue and this spring he was still looking for the money
to attend. It was at this point that HSF was able to help. Adam
says, "I'm very indebted to HSF... for the help they gave... it's the
reason I'm here now."

Adrienne Cumbus, an energetic Classical Liberal Arts/Education major
from Texas, is also enthusiastic about her experiences and the
opportunities at PHC. For Adrienne, growing up in Texas made her
very appreciative of her heritage. History was always a big part of
her life. She adds, "My mother was very passionate about it."

In high school, Adrienne was the president of her homeschool group's
student council. They organized one social event and one service
event per month. One of the projects that she really enjoyed was
helping at an evangelical children's camp called Gospel Lakes. The
camp brought kids from the city of Houston to spend a Saturday in the
country. Adrienne and the other homeschoolers led groups of the
children throughout the day.

Now that she is here, Adrienne has found that the school fulfills her
expectations and goes beyond them. She says with unrestrained
enthusiasm, "I love it here." For Adrienne, the HSF scholarship was
a great blessing since she needed financial aid and it helped to
relieve the financial pressure of attending school.

The vision of the Patrick Henry Scholarship Fund is focused on
helping HSLDA member students who desire to attend PHC to be able
afford to afford it. The generosity of all who gave to the PHC
scholarship fund helped make this desire a reality for Adrienne, Adam
and five other grateful students. Thanks! The Foundation looks
forward to helping many more aspiring students realize their dreams.

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