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7/22/2003 4:09:39 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
Calls needed on H.R. 2732, the Homeschool Non-Discrimination Act

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

July 22, 2003

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

On July 15, 2003, H.R. 2732, the Homeschool Non-Discrimination Act
(HONDA), was introduced in the United States House of Representatives
by Congresswoman Musgrave (R-CO). Home School Legal Defense
Association fully supports this bill.


Please call or write your representative in Washington and ask him or
her to cosponsor this legislation. All that you need to say is that
you are asking your congressman "to cosponsor the Homeschool Non-
Discrimination Act, H.R. 2732." Without cosponsors, we will not be in
a strong position to see the provisions in HONDA enacted. It is
important that we get as many congressional cosponsors as we can this
week, as at the end of this week the U.S. House will go out of
session for the month of August. Cosponsorships cannot be recorded
during the break, but HSLDA will be talking to House leadership
during the break about the bill.

To find your representative, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-
3121, or go to the web at

Check the list "HONDA COSPONSORS" at the end of this email to find
out if your congressman has already sponsored H.R. 2732.

(For more information about HONDA, read the "BACKGROUND" section near
the end of this email.)

We need your assistance.


Thomas Washburne, Esq.
Director, National Center for Home Education
Home School Legal Defense Association


Through the years, HSLDA has routinely encountered several issues
over and over again. These issues largely arise out of laws which
were originally written in ignorance of the scope and nature of
homeschooling. HONDA, while recognizing in the bill that the federal
government cannot control homeschooling, first provides strong
statements in support of private home education and then, in its
substantive provisions, clarifies several existing laws which
unfairly impact home education.

In summary, HONDA addresses the following:

1. Higher Education Act. HONDA clarifies that colleges which admit
homeschool graduates do not put the college's eligibility to
participate in federal aid programs in doubt. Because of current
confusion in the law, some colleges have even revoked admission to
homeschool graduates.

2. Federal Privacy Protection. HONDA strengthens and extends
existing federal privacy law concerning education records to include
homeschool records held by public schools in those states which
require the schools to hold such records.

3. Fair Labor Standards. HONDA permits older homeschooled teens to
work during traditional school hours.

4. Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) child find
issue. HONDA makes it clear that IDEA does not require forced
evaluations of a child if a parent is not seeking IDEA services.

5. Education Savings Accounts and Byrd Scholarships. HONDA will
allow parents to utilize federal education savings accounts for their
homeschool expenses and allow homeschool graduates eligibility for
Byrd college scholarships.

For more information, including actual bill text, go to

Please contact your congressman and urge him/her to co-sponsor H.R.
2732. We need your calls in order to move this legislation forward.


The following is a list of House members who have already co-
sponsored the HONDA legislation. They DO NOT need phone calls, but if
you live in their congressional districts, appreciation to them could
be expressed!

Aderholt, Robert B.
Akin, W. Todd
Barrett, Gresham
Bartlett, Roscoe G.
Beauprez, Bob
Boehner, John A.
Brady, Kevin
Brown-Waite, Ginny
Chabot, Steve
Crane, Philip M.
DeMint, Jim
Doolittle, John T.
Ehlers, Vernon J
Franks, Trent
Garrett, Scott
Gutknecht, Gil
Hoekstra, Peter
Hostettler, John N.
Johnson, Sam
Jones, Walter B., Jr
Kennedy, Mark R.
King, Steve
Kline, John
Miller, Jeff
Myrick, Sue
Paul, Ron
Pitts, Joseph R.
Ryan, Paul
Ryun, Jim
Smith, Nick
Souder, Mark E.
Tiberi, Patrick J.
Toomey, Patrick J.
Weldon, Dave
Wilson, Joe

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