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5/9/2003 2:05:19 PM
Patrick Henry College
Patrick Henry College Prayer Partners--May 9, 2003

From Patrick Henry College...

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your willingness to pray for Patrick Henry College each
month. Below is a list of our most recent prayer requests for the
College. With abundant prayer, PHC strives to glorify God in all
that we do. We are thankful for His guidance in our efforts and for
your dedication to pray for us.

Please pray for students considering Patrick Henry College and for
those who attend next fall as first time college students. We are
working with many students who are facing financial struggles; please
pray for God's wisdom and provision for them.

Give praise for the many doors God has opened to students seeking
internships. Pray that He would continue to bless our students with
excellent professional opportunities.

Pray for graduating seniors; that they may take what they have
learned at PHC and begin to positively influence this world for
Christ and for liberty.

Praise for the launch of a new track within the Government major
called Intelligence and Foreign Policy. Pray that this new track
might enable PHC and the Government Department to place well-trained,
biblically-grounded young men and women in the increasingly important
fields of intelligence analysis and foreign service.

We're thankful for God's blessing in the filling of many of the
adjunct positions in the Department of Classical Liberal Arts.
Please continue to pray as we search for adjunct faculty in Spanish
and Fiction Writing.

On April 9, 2003, the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges
and Schools (TRACS) voted unanimously and unconditionally to grant
candidacy status to Patrick Henry College in its request for
accreditation. Candidacy status is the normal and expected state for
all new colleges, and it is what the college was seeking. Please
give thanks to God for His provision and guidance in the
accreditation process.

Please pray for our students as they prepare for final exams this
month. Many students are also beginning to look for summer
employment. Please pray for them in that process.

Many staff and faculty members need prayers as they transition from
college activities to the summer camps and courses.

Last month we asked for your prayers regarding our Red Hill dormitory
project. We praise God for the generous response to Mike Farris'
March appeal letter. Thankfully, we are able to make the May
construction payment, but there are still dorm pledges outstanding.
Please pray that these gifts will be received before the end of our
fiscal year (June 30, 2003).

Your prayers for our April 28 board of trustees meeting were evident
as it was a very productive meeting. The board also participated in
a dedication ceremony of the new Red Hill residence hall. The
ceremony was an opportunity to acknowledge our dependence on Almighty
God and to publicly thank Him for providing the resources for the

Finally, please pray for wisdom for our staff as we must prioritize
numerous fund raising and marketing projects on a daily basis.
Patrick Henry College is not well known, and one of our
responsibilities is to increase public awareness of the college in
order to increase funding opportunities and to attract more
prospective students.

Now that the final details of Red Hill dorm are being completed, we
are making a transition to the next major campus project, which is
the construction of tennis and basketball courts. Please pray that
all the initial development work goes smoothly. We are in the process
of obtaining governmental approvals and permits, and are hoping to
begin and complete construction over the coming months.

Thank you for your prayers!

Raymond Bouchoc, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
and College Chaplain

"...that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to
whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen" (1 Peter 4:11).

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