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12/17/2002 12:30:19 PM
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Home School Foundation Report--Members Helping Members Fund Continues to be a Blessing

Home School Foundation Report

November/December 2002

Members Helping Members Fund Continues to be a Blessing

Established after the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, the
Members Helping Members Fund continues to be a blessing both to those
families donating to the fund and those families receiving
scholarships from the fund. All the scholarships given from the
Members Helping Members Fund come directly from other Home School
Legal Defense Association member families who have expressed a desire
to support homeschool families facing challenging financial
situations resulting from illnesses or crises. Over the past year,
the Home School Foundation has given out over 230 scholarships. Below
is the story of a family touched by the ministry of the Members
Helping Members Fund.


Ralph and Linda Christian made the decision to homeschool their
children early in their marriage. Both felt strongly about their
responsibility to provide their children with a solid Biblical
foundation. As the years have passed, both Ralph and Linda have
witnessed the blessings of teaching their children. Today, they
homeschool their two sons and two daughters, ages 3 to 11, in Yellow
Springs, West Virginia. The Christian family's homeschooling
experience has been quite different from that of most other families.
Ralph has been suffering from a terminal illness that continues to
wear away at his energy and his ability to work outside of the home.
Ralph's illness has placed added financial strain on the family, but
God has been faithful to provide for them. Through the ministry of
other homeschool families and their giving to the Members Helping
Members Fund, the Christian family is able to receive encouragement
and support from the HSLDA.

When Linda Christian began to think about homeschooling, she
remembers visiting the local library in her hometown in New Jersey.
Reading through books written by other homeschool moms, Linda learned
from their insight and experience. She drew from their ideas on how
to create her own homeschool program and teaching style. A recurring
theme in many of the books was the importance of the HSLDA to the
homeschooling movement and individual families. One of the first
words of advice given by homeschool moms was to join HSLDA for legal
support and protection. After joining the organization in 1998, Ralph
and Linda came to realize that HSLDA provided much more than legal
assistance. While it is a source of tremendous confidence and
reassurance to Linda that they have an attorney, she also appreciates
the information and educational value of HSLDA's publications. Over
the years, Linda says that as a result of HSLDA's Court Report she
has become a more informed citizen as well as an enthusiast for
original historical documents. "I saw what was happening to families
who were homeschooling. I decided it was important to educate
ourselves about our rights as Americas. I wanted to learn more about
my rights as an American citizen, and what I could do to protect
those rights. We studied the Founders, the Constitution, and the Bill
of Rights."

Due to Ralph's deteriorating health and the financial strain it
caused, the family was unable to renew their membership. It wasn't
until some time later in 2000 while in the process of relocating that
Linda called HSLDA to inquire about certain homeschool laws. She
explained their situation, their appreciation for HSLDA, and their
desire to one day join again. The HSLDA membership coordinator told
her that scholarships were available, and encouraged her to apply for
one. To the Christians' joy, their scholarship request was granted.
"The years have become increasingly harder, but this [scholarship] is
a great, great blessing," says Linda.

Linda is excited about the funds available at the Home School
Foundation. "These funds are so fantastic, staying with true religion
and 'taking care of widows and orphans.' It's true religion, the
gospel of Jesus." Linda realizes the importance of the ministry HSLDA
maintains, and looks forward to being able to assist others like her
family one day. "I would encourage anyone to give so that others can
benefit from their ability to give. The people who are able to give
are really able to minister. They have ministered to us."

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