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10/29/2002 5:18:04 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
Puerto Rico-Please Help Us Defeat H.P. 3048

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

October 29, 2002

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

On October 24, 2002, we notified you of H.P. 3048, which the Home
School Legal Defense Association believes is the worst homeschool
legislation in the history of home education. We informed you that we
would follow up with specific directions on how to oppose H.P. 3048.


1. Call the President of the Education & Culture Committee, Jose
Javier Garcia Caban at 787-724-4464. Inform Sr. Caban that you are
opposed to H.P. 3048 and that homeschoolers do not need to be
regulated by the government; they are providing a superior education
without regulation.

2. Contact Carlos Irizarry Vizcarrondo, Speaker of the House of
Representatives (ex-oficio member of the Education & Culture
Committee) at 787-722-0458, providing the same information you
provided to Sr. Caban.

3. Look over the list of Representatives below. These are the
members of the Education & Culture Committee. If your Representative
is listed contact him or her at the telephone provided to voice your
opposition to H.P. 3048, as well.

Education & Culture Committee Members:

Colon Gonzalez, Jose Luis - 787-723-6250
Corujo, Sylvia - 787-721-4039
Garcia Caban, Jose Javier - 787-724-4464
Garcia San Inocencio, Victor - 787-725-4942 / 725-4952
Gonzalez Gonzalez, Carmen I. "Ciela" - 787-721-6040
Jimenez Negron, Jose L. - 787-725-1069
Lopez Santos, Pedro - 787-721-6040 / 722-2508
Marrero Vazquez, Felix "Felito" - 787-977-2417
Rivera Guerra, Jose L. - 787-721-7520
Ruiz Morales, Jose F. - 787-723-6100
Torres Cruz, Luis Raul - 787-725-4431
Irizarry Vizcarrondo, Carlos - 787-722-0458

4. If possible, make a personal visit to your Representative, even
if he or she is not on the Education & Culture Committee, prior to
November 6.

5. Attend the hearing before the Education & Culture Committee
scheduled for November 6, 2002 at 1:00 p.m. at the Capitol. If
possible, please arrive at the Capitol in sufficient time to visit
your Representative before the hearing and voice your opposition to
H.P. 3048 indicating that homeschoolers do not need to be regulated
in Puerto Rico; they are excelling without regulation. Also indicate
that if this bill becomes law, homeschooling will cease for most
citizens of Puerto Rico (you can refer to our October 24, 2002, e-
lert and the paragraph below summarizing the provisions of H.P.


Because of the severe nature of the regulations contained in H.P.
3048, if it becomes law, homeschoolers in Puerto Rico will be
required to:

- have a college degree or be supervised by a certified teacher;

- submit an annual affidavit 60 days prior to beginning

- have their curriculum approved by a five-member board appointed by
the governor;

- have a curriculum that complies with the basic elements of the
public schools of Puerto Rico;

- maintain a register with all the information regarding their
family's schooling;

- submit to an annual review by a licensed psychologist or a
certified teacher to determine whether the children are making
academic progress;

- have their children take an annual examination created, approved
and administered by the department of education;

- and finally, submit to FOUR home visits a year.

Please respond to the requested action items above as soon as
possible. Every homeschooler should be outraged by this attempt to
destroy home education in Puerto Rico.


Michael Smith
President of HSLDA

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