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10/29/2002 10:05:09 AM
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The Home School Foundation Announces Patrick Henry College Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members

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The Home School Foundation Announces Patrick Henry College
Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members

Where will you feel comfortable sending your son or daughter to
college? That's a question faced by many homeschooling families.
Most desire a college that will complement their homeschooling
experiences, one that offers both a spiritually enriching environment
and a quality academic program.

The Home School Foundation has an interest in helping to make this
desire a reality. Part of its mission is to preserve the rights of
parents to responsibly guide the education of their children through
the use of innovative alternatives to traditional education.

To further the goals of both the Foundation and these families, we
are pleased to announce a new fund: the Patrick Henry College
Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members.

What is Patrick Henry College?

Patrick Henry College (PHC) is a private Christian institution that
appeals to homeschoolers because of its challenging programs and its
unique emphasis on apprenticeship. PHC aspires to equip Christian
young people with the character and skills essential for being
influential leaders in our government and culture. Committed to
biblical truth, PHC provides an environment where students from all
different backgrounds will be spiritually encouraged by instructors
and peers alike.

Why provide academic scholarships to Patrick Henry students?

PHC is the only college in the nation where homeschoolers comprise
more than 50% of the student body. Katie Doherty, a PHC student from
New Park, PA, reflected, "I am continually amazed to witness the
provision of the LORD. As an inaugural Patrick Henry College
student, I have seen the LORD provide for my education in more than
one way, more than once. The Home School Foundation (HSF) has been a
part of this provision. I am truly grateful for your care and
support concerning my college education. Thank you HSF for making my
college dreams a reality, and may the LORD continue to bless you in
your work"

Additionally, like most college students, PHC students face the
challenge of funding their college education. However, unlike most
colleges, PHC does not take any federal or state monies. Because the
college is dedicated to staying debt free and remaining free from
direct or indirect support by government, there is an added need for
financial assistance to the students.

How can HSLDA members qualify for the PHC Scholarship Fund?

The Foundation's PHC Scholarship Fund for HSLDA members will be given
to a select group of freshman students who have outstanding academic
achievement, a record of meaningful community service, and
demonstrated financial need.

If you would like more information on the PHC Scholarship Fund or
would like to donate to the Foundation, please contact the Home
School Foundation at or visit our
website at

What is PHC Online?

For the first time Patrick Henry College is offering online distance
learning courses. These courses are ideal for the bright high school
student who wants to get a head start on college. The first round of
distance learning courses will start January 28, 2003. As a service
to HSF Friends of Home Schooling and HSLDA members, these courses
will be offered at a five percent discount.

For more information how to receive this discount visit:

If you would like more information on PHC Online visit:

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