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9/9/2002 5:17:51 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--Homeschoolers Help Special Needs Children

Home School Foundation Report

July / August 2002

Homeschoolers Help Special Needs Children

God continues to pour out His hand of blessing on our work here at
the Home School Foundation. We consider it a privilege to be co-
laborers with you in strengthening the Home School community. Our
desire is to continue to look for ways to increase our ministry to
needy home school families.

The Home School Foundation continues to develop its five scholarship
funds, the latest of which is the Special Needs Children's Fund. This
scholarship fund provides financial assistance to needy families who
have taken it upon themselves to care for and teach their special
needs children.

A growing number of home school families are choosing to educate
their special needs child at home. The individualized training and
hands-on, constructive approach to this type of education has yielded
numerous advantages to both the children and the families alike.

Below is a story of the Gibbs Family. Their story testifies to the
difference home schooling can make in the lives of special needs

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Health Problems Lead Gibbs Family to Homeschooling

One wintry day last December, Christine Gibbs received a call from
the nurse's office at school-her son was complaining of chest pain.
Although Aaron suffered from serious health problems that frequently
interfered with his schooling, this particular symptom was unusual.
Christine hurried to school to find her son pale and exhausted.
Continuing to complain of chest pain, Christine rushed him to the

Raising Aaron has always been complicated for Bill and Christine
Gibbs of Merrimack, New Hampshire. Diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome, a
disorder marked by rapid physical and delayed intellectual
development, and a serious cardiac condition, Aaron's precarious
health situation and the accompanying special education needs have
required additional care and attention. At one point, Christine
pulled him from his school classes two months before a surgery in
order to keep him healthy. With his health stable and the one-on-one
tutoring from his mom, Aaron made the honor roll for that semester.
After his recuperation time was complete, Aaron returned to school.
His health and grades then deteriorated to the point that the school
wanted to label Aaron with severe learning disabilities and adjust
his education accordingly.

Frustrated with the school's inability to realize the true nature of
Aaron's situation--that his declining grades resulted from his health
situation--and firmly convinced that Aaron could excel beyond the
level the school imposed on him, Christine took a step of faith.
Deciding it was time for a drastic change, she pulled Aaron from all
his public school programs and brought him home.

Christine found the perfect curriculum, but to her dismay, the cost
was exorbitant. With the considerable medical bills that Aaron's
health situation incurred, buying the curriculum seemed out of the
question. That's when she heard about the Home School Foundation's
Special Needs Children's Fund.

This fund was created to address situations like the one Christine
and her husband faced. Supported by the generous gifts of those who
recognize the importance of home schooling and the unique challenges
facing families with special needs children, the scholarship gives
financial assistance in providing important equipment, materials, or
other help.

Over the past several months, Aaron has made significant academic
gains. "He learns so much better one-on-one," Christine explained.
"It really helped a lot to have the curriculum that he needed. I
couldn't have done it on my own, and I wouldn't have been able to
afford it. We are so thankful for this gift. We know God will
continue to provide for our special little guy."

The materials purchased with the scholarship have helped enable Aaron
to learn in ways that fit his own educational needs. Since December,
his health has significantly improved. Christine is excited about all
the progress her son is making, and views the scholarship as a key
part of that success.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If you know of someone who could be helped via the Special Needs
Children's Fund or you would like to help the many families in need,
please contact the Home School Foundation at

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