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8/16/2002 1:49:30 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
Maine Action Alert--Update on CEDAW

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

As you likely know by now, the United Nations Convention for the
Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), is
a treaty signed by Jimmy Carter in 1980 and passed in the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee on July 30, 2002. United States Senator
Joseph Biden, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, has
stated his intention to see the Senate consider the measure when
Congress returns in September from its summer recess.

Home School Legal Defense Association, and numerous pro family
groups, (including Focus on the Family and National Right to Life)
strongly oppose the ratification of this treaty. CEDAW threatens the
traditions of motherhood and the sex distinctions held by most home
schoolers. We believe the treaty's vaguely written attempt to
"protect" women's rights could negatively impact Americans' ability
to train their children free from burdensome government intervention.

Right now we need your help to keep this treaty from being ratified.


HSLDA believes Senator Susan Collins from your state is a critical
vote on CEDAW this fall. It is important that Senator Collins
receive from her constituents as much input as possible. Therefore
we are asking you to do the following things:

1. Please call Senator Collins in her state office at 207-945-0417
and express your opposition to CEDAW.

2. Please write a letter to your senator expressing your opposition
to CEDAW (see a sample below). Letters should be addressed to: 202
Harlow St., #204, Bangor, ME 04401.

3. If you can, please write a letter to the editor to your local
paper opposing CEDAW and calling for your Senators to publicly oppose
it as well.

4. Pass this email on to your friends.

5. Feel free to send us a note at to let us
know what kind of response you receive.

Whatever you have time to do, it is crucial that you take action now.
The clock is ticking on CEDAW. We believe treaty supporters in the
Senate will push hard for a full Senate vote in the coming weeks.


Sample Letter:

Dear Senator Collins:

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the ratification of
the United Nation's Convention on the Elimination of All forms of
Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). As you know, the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee passed CEDAW on July 30, 2002.

CEDAW is a broadly worded treaty open to numerous interpretations.
The treaty addresses everything from education to the size of
families in its quest to end stereotyping and discrimination against
women. It is interpreted by a panel of 23 United Nations "experts"
who, citing CEDAW, recommended the decriminalization of prostitution
in China; expressed concern that Belarus celebrates Mother's Day;
lectured Armenia on the need to "combat the traditional stereotype of
women in the noble role of mother"; stated that too many Slovenian
mothers were staying home to raise their children; and, urged the
nation of Andorra to order a review of textbooks used by the Catholic
schools concerning sex education. I could go on and on. Clearly,
these "experts" have a domestic policy agenda that far exceeds
discrimination based on sex, a problem the United States banned
decades ago. We do not need the United Nation to tell us what is
good domestic policy. This is the job of our own elected

The following is a sampling of the groups that have expressed their
opposition to the ratification of the United Nations Convention on
the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

American Association of Christian Schools
American Family Association
American Policy Center
American Renewal
American Values
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
Christian Coalition
Concerned Women of America
Eagle Forum
Family Research Council
Focus on the Family
Home School Legal Defense Association
National Center for Home Education
National Institute of Womanhood
National Right to Life Committee
People Advancing Christian Education
Religious Freedom Coalition
Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Traditional Values Coalition
Traditions, Family, Property Inc
Wilberforce Forum

I want to add my voice to this list. I look forward to hearing from
you how you intend to vote on CEDAW.


[Your Name]


For more background information on CEDAW, visit our website at:

With your help, we can stop this dangerous treaty from becoming the
law of the land. Un-elected UN bureaucrats have no business meddling
in the domestic policy of the United States. It's time we tell the
U.S. Senate to protect our freedom.

Tom Washburne
Director, National Center for Home Education

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