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6/7/2002 2:18:32 PM
Chuck Hurst, Executive Director, Home School Foundation
Introducing the Foundation Report

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June 7, 2002

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

If you're like most folks, you find it encouraging hearing how one
person's generosity was used to bless someone in need. Through our
new email newsletter, Foundation Report, we'll keep you up to date on
how the Home School Foundation has helped many home school families

Over the last 25 years or more, home schooling has become successful
due in large part to home schoolers' strong sense of community. When
one home schooling family is in need, others come along side them to
help bear their burdens. If you would like to learn more about what
you can do to help the Home School Foundation assist struggling home
school families, please visit our web site at:

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter, please visit Each month we will send you
an update on the Foundation's progress and activities.

Below is the story of the Finch family. Because home schooling
families like you seek help to home schoolers who have come upon hard
times, families like the Finches can continue teaching their children
at home.


Joan Finch's story, from a worldly perspective, would be considered
one of despair.

From the perspective of heaven, and of God's people, it is full of

Joan lives in Sacramento with her daughters Chelsea, 8, and Natalie,
6. Joan was pregnant with Natalie when Kevin, her husband of nearly
four years, died of a heart attack in August of 1995. Kevin had
previously undergone bypass surgery, and was on a list to receive a
heart transplant due to numerous disorders; but a suitable donor was
never found.

Talk to Joan Finch today and you won't hear bitterness or resentment.
Rather, hers is a tale of trust, of a child of God being strengthened
by the Providence of God, and of a family encouraged by the love of
the saints.

One very tangible way that the Lord has used His people to help Joan
and her children is through the Home School Foundation's Widows
Curriculum Scholarship Fund. The fund seeks to carry out the
admonition of James 1:27, which reads "Pure and undefiled religion in
the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows
in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world."

Joan Finch was faced with many decisions in the aftermath of Kevin's
death, but one of the more momentous was over how she would educate
her children. The couple's intent had been to home educate, providing
their children with the intensive, hands-on attention that only a
stay-at-home parent can provide. But Joan was faced with the prospect
of becoming the family breadwinner as well. Juggling the two seemed

Joan felt led by the Spirit of God to continue as planned when it
came to her children's education. While she would seek ways to earn
income from her home, she was casting all her needs upon the Lord,
trusting in Him to care for her. The Home School Foundation was one
important avenue of that Divine care. Through the Widows' Fund, most
of Joan's expenses for curriculum and other educational activities
have been met, freeing up tight household finances for other things.

"Of course home schooling is a full time job," Joan said. "So we knew
that if we were to keep doing this we would need God's provision. It
has been clear in so many cases that what we were receiving was
straight from God's Hand. He gets the credit."

Joan said the decision to continue home schooling was just one
example of how God has led her to put her complete trust in him.

"Here I am now, a single mom, and I was thinking 'What am I going to
do?' I need to go out and get a job. I was thinking too much about
what I have to do to fix this," she said. "But God has shown me how
to trust in Him. The Lord has taught me how to really come to Him for
guidance, and there's a great peace in that. I guess I needed a big
shove to start doing that."

Joan said the Home School Foundation is a good example of God using
His people to accomplish His ends.

"It is overwhelming to think that someone even cared about whether we
could continue home schooling. We have times where we can feel
forgotten, and wonder 'Where do I belong?' But here someone took the
time to think about us and really meet some needs in our lives. I
just think it's awesome."

Visit our website at

For more information on the Widow's Curriculum Scholarship Fund, see

If you know a home schooling widow, please forward this article and
encourage her to give us a call at 540-338-8899. We count it a
privilege to extend God's Hand to these families.

Very truly yours,

Chuck Hurst, Executive Director
Home School Foundation

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