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5/2/2002 5:19:58 PM
Dewitt T. Black III, Esq., Senior Counsel of HSLDA
Pennsylvania--Calls needed on H.B. 2560

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

May 2, 2002

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

I am pleased to share with you the good news that Representative Sam
Rohrer and other members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
have introduced House Bill 2560 which would make significant
improvements in the current home education law. This bill is the
result of over two years of consultations with home school leaders
across Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the support for this bill within
the home school community is not unanimous, so your active
participation in the legislative process is crucial to getting this
bill passed.


(1) We urge you to contact the members of the House Education
Committee listed below with this message:

"Please vote for House Bill 2560 which will relieve public school
officials and home schooling parents from burdensome administrative
tasks. Home educators have earned the right to less state oversight
after demonstrating their success under the current law for the past
14 years."

House Education Committee:

Majority (Room 43-A EW)
Rep. Jess Stairs, Chairman 717-783-9311
Rep. Fred McIlhattan, Secretary 717-772-9908
Rep. Edward Krebs, Subcommittee Chairman on Higher Education 717-783-
Rep. Jerry Nailor, Subcommittee Chairman on Basic Education 717-783-
Rep. Bob Bastian 717-783-8756
Rep. Paul Clymer 717-783-3154
Rep. Patrick Fleagle 717-783-5218
Rep. Robert Flick 717- 787-8579
Rep. Lynn Herman 717-787-8594
Rep. Beverly Mackereth 717-783-2655
Rep. Daryl Metcalfe 717-783-1707
Rep. Ronald Miller 717-783-8389
Rep. Samuel Rohrer 717-787-8550
Rep. Jere Schuler 717-783-6422
Rep. Thomas Stevenson 717-787-2047

Minority (Room 300 MC)
Rep. Nicholas Colafella, Chairman 717-787-5475
Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, Secretary 717-787-5881
Rep. William Robinson, Subcommittee Chairman on Higher Education 717-
Rep. James Roebuck, Jr., Subcommittee Chairman on Basic Education 717-
Rep. Lawrence Curry 717-783-1079
Rep. Richard Grucela 717-705-1878
Rep. John Lawless 717-787-5741
Rep. Phyllis Mundy 717-783-1614
Rep. Sara Steelman 717-772-2046
Rep. P. Michael Sturla 717-787-3555
Rep. Thomas Yewcic 717-783-0248

(2) We also ask you to contact your own state representative and give
him the same message.

To get the name and telephone number of your state representative,
use HSLDA's Legislative Toolbox at: , or
you can call of the office of the Chief Clerk of the House of
Representatives at (717) 787-2372.


House Bill 2560 would do the following:

- Eliminate the requirement for filing a notarized affidavit
containing education objectives and personal health information for
each child;

- Eliminate the requirement of maintaining a portfolio of records and
materials for each child;

- Eliminate mandatory standardized testing;

- Eliminate mandatory year-end evaluations;

- Protect home education programs from any state oversight except
what is contained in the statutory law enacted by the General
Assembly in this bill;

- Require the parent to provide an annual written notification of the
home education program to the local public school superintendent
within in 30 days of commencing the program;

- Require that the annual notice include only the name, address, and
age of the child and the name of the parent supervising the program;

- Continue to require 180 days of instruction each year or 900 hours
at the elementary level or 990 hours at the secondary level;

- Establish course requirements similar to current law;

- Establish graduation requirements essentially the same as current
law but also entitling graduates of home education programs to
receive all of the rights, benefits, and privileges of other high
school graduates; and

- Permit the parent of a special needs child to conduct a home
education program without the approval of a state-certified special
education teacher or a clinical or school psychologist, a requirement
now exclusive to Pennsylvania.


H.B. 2560 presents an extraordinary opportunity for home educators in
Pennsylvania to remove the burdensome and unnecessary administrative
requirements of current law. These requirements not only take
parents' time away from the instruction of children but also expend
public school resources for which there is no allocation or
reimbursement by the state. By enacting this legislation,
Pennsylvania would join a growing majority of states that have
revised their home school laws to make them less restrictive. The
home educators of Pennsylvania have earned the right to less state
intrusion oversight after demonstrating their success under the
current law for the past 14 years.

As a lawyer who has spent over 11 years at HSLDA assisting our member
families in Pennsylvania, I can say from first-hand experience that
passage of H.B 2560 will eliminate many of the legal problems home
schooling families in your state face. HSLDA's long-term goal
continues to be the repeal of all compulsory attendance laws, but in
the meantime we will support efforts to make laws incrementally
better for home educators. We believe this bill would make great
strides toward our ultimate goal, so we wholeheartedly support this
legislation and ask that you do so as well.

To read my response to objections to H.B. 2560 raised by its
opponents, go to:

To review a copy of the bill text, go to:

To view a complete list of bills HSLDA is monitoring in the state of
Pennsylvania, visit our website at:

If you have any questions or concerns about what this bill would do,
please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Very truly yours,

Dewitt T. Black, III
HSLDA Senior Counsel

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