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4/9/2002 3:05:49 PM
Christopher J. Klicka, Esq., Senior Counsel of HSLDA
New York--Please Attend Rally in Albany Tomorrow

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

April 9, 2002

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

Here is some important last minute information from Loving Education
at Home (LEAH) regarding the New York Home School Rally and Lobby
Day. The rally will take place tomorrow at 1:00 PM on the Capitol
steps in Albany.

We believe this is the most important event to impact your home
school freedoms in the last decade. The New York Legislature needs
to meet real home school families in order to dispel the myth
propagated by the educational elite that home schooled children are
social misfits and academically limited.

The major media has also promised to come. Your attendance is crucial
so that we have a strong showing of support for Senate Bill 4767.

Be sure to take time to join the rally tomorrow and meet your
assemblyman and senator!

Below is the latest important information on the Rally from LEAH.

Hope to see you there!


Chris Klicka
Senior Counsel

"Last Call For the BIG Homeschool Rally taking place April 10, 2002,
1PM, on the Capitol Steps in Support of S 4767.

In this email message:
1. What to Bring
2. Where to Go
3. What to Do
4. What to Say
5. S 4767 Update
6. Directions and Where to Park


Dress for weather that is predicted to be partly sunny in the upper

Make and bring signs, banners, etc., to hold up at the Rally. They
can say things like "Home Schooling Works"; "Support S 4767";
"Education, NOT Paperwork"; "Relief from Excessive Regulation"; "___
was Home Schooled" (fill in the blank with George and Martha
Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams,
Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, Douglas MacArthur, Pearl S. Buck,
Franklin Roosevelt, Patrick Henry, John Marshall, Abraham Lincoln,
Booker T. Washington and Woodrow Wilson, to name just a few).

You may want to bring a bag lunch for you and your family. There is a
McDonald's and other restaurants inside the Empire Plaza complex, but
these are quite busy at this time of day.


For parking and shuttle options, please see the end of this message.
There will a LEAH table inside the State Street doors of the
Legislative Office Building (LOB - State St runs between the Capitol
and the LOB) where you may go to pick up a Rally Sticker and helpful
material (talking points) about S 4767. These materials will also be
handed out at the Rally.


Try to make an appointment before coming to Albany, but even if you
don't have an appointment, PLEASE GO AND VISIT the office of your
Senator and Assembly member before or after the Rally. Almost all of
the offices are in the Legislative Office Building (LOB), with a
handful in the Capitol building. Directories are posted in the LOB by
the elevators. Make sure that you sign the register in your
legislator's office with the reason for your visit (Support S 4767).

The Rally will begin at 1:00 PM on the Capitol Steps and last for
about 45 minutes. The purpose of the Rally is to inspire, excite, and
most of all, to draw attention to our cause of reducing the


Key points to mention when visiting your legislators: New York has
the most restrictive and complex home schooling regulations of all 50
states, and is a very difficult legal environment for home schooling.
Research studies demonstrate that home school student achievement
does not depend upon the level of state regulation -- students do
just as well regardless. It is time to bring New York in line with
other states in encouraging diversity in education and saving
education tax dollars.

Other points: The excessive level of regulation discourages out-of-
state families from moving to New York; Excessive paperwork not only
burdens parents, but also burdens the school district.

Tell them why you home school and the positive benefits that it has.
One thing that we are hearing back from a few legislators is that
home schooled children are poorly socialized. If you hear this, ask
them if they have ever met any. Tell them that this is a myth
propagated by opponents of home schooling. Tell them about the
various interactions that your kids have.

5. S 4767 UPDATE

We are expecting a Senate Floor vote any day, plus we are also
expecting to be able to announce an Assembly sponsor any day. Please
pray about both these issues.

*Shuttle Lot for Rally -- Courtesy of Emmanuel Christian Center*


Directions: From the Northway 87:
Get onto NYS Thruway at Exit 24, get off at Exit 23, and follow
directions from thruway.

From Thruway: Get off at Exit 23. After tollbooths bear right and go
up exit ramp to 9W. Take right onto Rt.9W. Follow over bridge. Next
red light, take left (there will be a Days Inn on right and Truck
Stop on left). This is Corning Hill Rd., Rt. 32. Go down hill and
just after post sign for RT.144, take right onto Retreat House Rd.
(if you get to bottom of hill, you have gone just a little too far.)
Driveway to Emmanuel Christian Center is just after sign for Church.
Turn right into driveway and park. (If this fills up, there is also a
Park & Ride lot about 5 minutes further out.)

We will have vans shuttling attendees beginning at 9 AM till 12:30
PM. Then, returning starting at 2 PM till 4:30 PM. It is possible
that you may be asked to make a shuttle trip or two, but please don't
feel obligated.

If people want to drive in to the city, we would recommend the
parking garage attached to the Crowne Plaza on corner of State &
Lodge Sts.

Another location is the parking ramp and the state museum lot to the
south of the Empire Plaza. To reach these areas, take the Empire
Plaza Spur from 787, go under the Plaza (westbound) turn around, and
head back east. The exit for these areas is under the Plaza (from the
eastbound side).

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