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1/18/2002 11:06:36 AM
Scott W. Somerville, Esq., Staff Attorney of HSLDA
Kentucky--H.B. 54 On The March

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

January 18, 2002

Dear Kentucky Members and Friends,

We are concerned about Rep. Barbara Ann Colter's newest effort to
regulate home schooling. Although her efforts have not gotten very
far in previous years, there seem to be people who are agitating in
favor of House Bill 54 (H.B. 54) this year.

Here, for example, is the text of a letter that was handed out at an
Adair County Chamber of Commerce meeting:

***************TEXT OF ADAIR COUNTY LETTER***************

We need your help now! And please tell others.

The Adair County Social Action Committee, sponsored by Catholic
Charities, needs your help in the form of advocacy for the education
of all children. Local members are [names deleted].

- Every child has the right to a good education. You may be shocked
to learn that Kentucky has essentially NO regulation of home
schooling. Parents simply turn in the name, age and address of each
student. There are no teacher qualifications, no progress reports, no
curriculum guidelines, no testing of students and no contact or
oversight by public school officials.

- We are not opposed to home schooling. Many families do a great job
with their children. Of concern are those parents who are either
incapable of educating their children or simply won't make the
effort. We believe some parents home school their children to avoid
dealing with truancy, delinquency and learning problems or to conceal
evidence of child neglect and abuse.

- Adair County now has 146 students in home schools. The number grows
each year.

- Rep. Barbara Colter has filed House Bill 161 [now H.B. 54], which
would make several much needed changes to Kentucky law as it relates
to home schoolers.

- Please help by contacting our legislators in Frankfort IMMEDIATELY.
Home school associations have powerful lobbyists and strong legal
defense representation. Many legislators are reluctant to take a
stand on this issue.

House Bill BR 161 [now H.B. 54]
Author: Rep. Barbara Colter

This bill would make much needed changes in Kentucky law as it
relates to home schooling. The following changes are proposed:

- Home schools, nonpublic schools, and private schools would be given
separate legal definitions.

- A declaration of intent to home school must be done two weeks
before the home school starts instead of an enrollment report within
two weeks after the start of the school year.

- Instead of only reporting the name, age, and address of each
student as present law requires, the parent must submit the
following: Name, age, and grade level of students; address; proposed
calendar; proposed hours of instruction; name of teacher; and
teacher's educational level.

- Parents must have a high school diploma or GED.

- The home study program must submit scholarship and attendance
reports to the director of pupil personnel.

- Scholarship reports are defined as "including, but not limited to,
a traditional report card, a portfolio of exemplary work, a narrative
assessment, or other forms of assessment. Reports shall be summarized
or tabulated in planned intervals throughout the year or at the same
interval as the grading period of the local public school."

- Directors of pupil personnel are encouraged to make at least one
home visit per year, although this must be with the consent of the
home schooler.

- Students must take an annual norm-referenced test either under the
supervision of the public school or at the parents' expense.


***************END OF ADAIR COUNTY LETTER***************

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us. The legislators
whose names were mentioned in the Adair County letter are getting
calls from people who want to regulate home schooling. You can get
YOUR legislator's name and telephone number by clicking
and entering your zip code in the "Legislative Toolbox" on the home
page. Please do so, and then forward this e-mail to friends of home
school freedoms.

You can read the full text of this bill at:

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