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Set Spiritual Goals
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What is the number-one need in a family? Nearly every Christian woman points to the need for strong spiritual leadership from her husband. Today on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Farris will discuss how dads can act as spiritual leader on a daily basis.

Mike Farris:
Homeschooling is not the end goal of our child training—it’s how we reach the goal. Ultimately, we are preparing our children to love God, not just to excel academically. And this is where we as dads can provide the most support to our wives—by being strong spiritual leaders.

Spiritual leadership can be a nebulous concept, so I’ve found it helpful to think of it as a three-step process. First, set spiritual goals for your children. Now that our youngest is 13 years old, all of our children have set goals for themselves—at least some of their goals. But I have also my own list of goals that I want the Farris household to attain—beginning with salvation for each person and including characteristics of spiritual maturity such as self-discipline, understanding the Bible, and spending daily time with God.

Second, I plan activities designed to help our family reach those goals. Years ago, I told my children that if they read the Bible every day for a year, I would give each child $100. They did it, and I paid up. After a couple of years, my oldest daughter Christy said, “Dad you don’t have to pay me anymore. I can’t imagine going through a day without spending time in God’s word.” That was the goal.

Third, I periodically assess their progress. This means speaking to my children one-on-one about what they’re learning, what they’re doing.

As you set out to guide your children toward godliness, you’ve made your wife’s job much easier. There is nothing she wants more than to support you as you lead your family in the Lord.

I’m Mike Farris.

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