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Encouraged and Spurred On
Volume 97, Program 34
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Fathers can be a powerful force to encourage their children to strive for excellence! Today’s Home School Heartbeat guest counts that one of the things he most appreciates in his dad. Hear more on this special Father’s Day edition, with homeschool graduate Stephen Williams.

Stephen Williams:
My childhood with my dad was something of a paradox because my dad himself is indeed something of a conglomeration of different ironies. Dad is, by nature, a much more easygoing, laid back personality. But he attended school at the Virginia Military Institute and also spent time in the U.S. military. So, by experience, he also had a very strict regimented side to him that demanded the best, called for excellence, did not allow me to slack off or to not help out or not be a part of things at home.

And I’ve found that the balance that he was able to strike between his laid back natural personality and also his more regimented experiential personality was very great for me as I was growing up, because dad was able to say “Son, you need to be more responsible, more mature, you need to be more proactive in helping the family, you’re being lazy,” but also be able to come alongside and say, “Hey Stephen, your work in this area is good. It’s excellent, keep doing what you’re doing.”

Dad was able to be both the strict disciplinarian and the encourager. And I found that, for me personally, those are two of things that I really appreciate in my dad, and will always be really thankful to him for that.

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