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Do field trips with your student count as “the best of times” or “the worst of times?” On today’s Home School Heartbeat HSLDA President Mike Smith talks about making each field trip count as a “best” time with your student.

Mike Smith:
When planning a field trip, adopt the motto of the Boy Scouts: “always be prepared.”

First, do your homework and make a plan. If possible, let your students help so that they have a vested interest in the trip. A good place to start is by planning all the concrete details, like the days and hours the place you want to visit is open. Does your venue require reservations or have any fees? Are there any restrictions on group size or visitors age? You’re planning an activity for children, so don’t overlook lunch or snacks.

You’ve worked out all the details at the location, now how are you going to get there? Public transportation? You’ll need to get schedules and tickets. Driving? You’ll probably think about the number of drivers and seat belts you need, but you might not think of checking car maintenance and your fuel level!

You’re now almost ready to hit the road. What could make the travel time more enjoyable? Your local library could provide music or an audio book to make your travel time fly. Even better, have someone read about your upcoming field trip on the way there.

Before you load up, remind students of the rules and expected behavior. Make a final check before you leave the driveway—do you have your map, your cell phone, and your tickets? Now you’re ready for an adventure to remember as the “best of times.”

Enjoy your field trip! And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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