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Homeschooling through Illness and Disability

Vol. 94, Prg. 6–10
December 14–18, 2009

Homeschooling can be challenging for a parent who has a disability or chronic illness, but with realistic expectations and a little encouragement, it can be done! Find out how to make accommodations in your homeschooling and family routines or encourage a parent with a disability on this week’s program.

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The Challenges of Illness and Disability
Doing What You Can
Getting the Family Involved
Helping One Another
Encouragement to Keep You Going


KarenAnne Carlson
KarenAnne Carlson KarenAnne Carlson is married to Cameron, and they have two grown children, Kaylyn and Curtis. KarenAnne and Cameron make their home in Lincoln, Nebraska. KarenAnne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 25 years ago, before the birth of her first child. Cameron and KarenAnne homeschooled both children through high school and have seen their daughter graduate from college.

KarenAnne’s childhood dream of becoming a teacher was fulfilled by the opportunity to homeschool her children. She carries on a ministry of prayer, loves to write, and does old-fashioned crafts. She and her family have also befriended international students at their local university for over 20 years.

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