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Engineering for Inquisitive Minds

Vol. 93, Prg. 21–25
November 16–20, 2009

Helping your child explore his interest in engineering doesn’t have to be difficult. Homeschooling dad Steve Wells shares tips and encouragement from experience as a former engineering professor and current Navy engineer. Give your student a better understanding of this fascinating science—and have fun while you’re at it!

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What Is Engineering?
Learning the Component Parts
Engineering Your Homeschool Projects
Elements of an Engineer
Engineering—Your Student’s Future


Steve Wells
Father of five mostly home-educated children, Steve Wells is an engineer whose career path has included teaching college as well as working as an engineer for the U.S. government. While teaching Mechanical Engineering Technology at Old Dominion University, Steve served on the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology both as an evaluator and a commissioner. During that time, he was impressed that the quality of student work he was seeing as an ABET evaluator was comparable to the work of some homeschooled students still in high school. With the support of Bill Gothard and the excellent staff at ATI, as well as the encouragement of his dean, Steve pioneered an online, synchronous, distance learning engineering program. While the online engineering program did not grow out of the experimental phase, it was the parent of Telos Institute and Verity College, both ministries of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, which continue to serve the online educational needs of post secondary home-educated students. While teaching at Old Dominion University, Steve won numerous student-voted “Best Teacher” awards, as well as the university-wide Information Technology Award.

Steve’s passion in teaching derives from a love of engineering and a desire to make the complex simple and understandable by linking the unknown to the known via principle analogies. Steve sees educational hours as a vehicle for getting to know God better through seeing Him in what He has created (Romans 1:19). The Wells family lives in Chesapeake, Virginia.

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