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The Beauty of Bedtime Stories
Volume 92, Program 20
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Have you been resisting those requests for “one more bedtime story”? Find out why you should spare the time on today’s Home School Heartbeat, with host Mike Smith and his guest, acclaimed author—and bedtime storyteller—Richard Grant.

Mike Smith:
Richard, you read bedtime stories to your children before bed for more reasons than just putting them to sleep, right?

Richard Grant:
Oh, yes.

Richard, can you explain why reading bedtime stories at night to your children is more than tucking them in at night?

Well, for me, our two-hour bedtime routine became the highlight of my day. I have a fairly stressful job. Coming home and relaxing for a prolonged period of time was an oasis for me. It’s also good for my homeschooling wife. I needed time with the kids, because I was gone all day; she needed time away from the kids, because she was home all day. And it was good for the kids to be with their dad. I used the time to pass values on to my kids. Our bedtime routine was a time for me to disciple my kids. Above all else, I wanted them to develop a love and commitment to Jesus Christ. Many of the stories I told, including Silverglade and Goldenrod, had a biblical base.

As my kids matured, so did their questions. When my daughter was 12, for instance, she asked some profound questions. Even though she didn’t know the theological terms, she asked questions about the canon and the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture. We got books that answered her questions. It was wonderful going through the process with her as she thought through it for weeks and weeks.

So really, when I was spending time reading bedtime stories to her when she was 4, I was laying the foundation that allowed me to talk to her about very important things when she was 12.

Richard, thank you for being here with us this week. Until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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