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Volume 92, Program 5
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Dual enrollment provides some helpful educational benefits for your high school student. But the real payback comes after graduation—when your student’s college credits give her a leg up on her future. Today on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Smith and his guest discuss this advantage of dual enrollment.

Mike Smith:
My guest again today is homeschool graduate Elisa Bricker. Elisa, what advantages did dual enrollment give you in your subsequent college work and your vocation?

Elisa Bricker:
Dual enrollment often places students at a younger age with older students and more challenging work—in addition to which, there’s the benefit of not repeating classes in later high school courses and then early college courses. And then you earn college credit as well. I was able to gain insight from my parents and my professors simultaneously, so when I struggled at grasping a concept, I could turn to my original teachers, my mom and dad, and eventually they would guide me towards my professors.

Dual enrollment can be a wonderful transition from a homeschool environment to meeting the expectations of a college or university head on. And since finishing my dual enrollment at community college with two associate degrees, I went on to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English at the University of Virginia. I felt comfortable with this challenging coursework, because I had already experienced similar challenges in the dual enrollment environment.

Post graduation, I worked as an editor, writer, and graphic designer, and I’ve also been well equipped to follow my passion for photography and start my own business, Elisa B. Photography, which I run with my husband, Edward.

Elisa, that’s great! Your experience will encourage a lot of homeschool families considering dual enrollment for their high school students. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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