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An Interview with David Aikman

Vol. 90, Prg. 31–35
July 6–10, 2009

What should homeschoolers keep in mind as they study world history? Patrick Henry College professor Dr. David Aikman offers suggestions on making sense of the daily news in your homeschool on this week’s series with Michael Farris.

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Historical Considerations
Foreign Culture and a Christian Worldview
A Lesson on China
A Balanced Approach
A Lesson on Russia


Dr. David Aikman
As an Associate Professor of History and Writer in Residence, Patrick Henry College, Virginia, Dr. Aikman teaches upper-level courses history, and oversees student practicum. He has written eight books and co-authored four. His most recent titles are Great Souls, Jesus in Beijing, and the best-seller A Man of Faith: The Spiritual Journey of George W. Bush. His second novel, QI, was released in 2005. A biographical evaluation of the life of Dr. Billy Graham will appear in the near future.

For over 23 years, Dr. Aikman was both a foreign correspondent and senior correspondent for TIME Magazine, reporting from four continents and 55 countries, notably Russia, China and the Middle East.

For more biographical information, visit his website.

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This compelling book details the deep roots of Christianity in China and what this means to the global balance of power.

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