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For You They Signed: An Interview with Marilyn Boyer

Vol. 90, Prg. 26–30
June 29–July 3, 2009

Most Americans don’t know who the signers of the Declaration of Independence were. Author Marilyn Boyer shares about her book, For You They Signed, a volume of character studies designed to make it easy for busy families to learn about—and be inspired by—the courageous and godly Founders of our nation.

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Meet the Signers
Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor
Acquiring Character
A Tool for Teaching
“I Vote for Independence!”


Marilyn Boyer Marilyn Boyer
Marilyn Boyer is the paternal descendant of an American Revolutionary War soldier, maternal granddaughter of Irish immigrants, and daughter of a late World War II veteran who served in the Pacific theatre. She is the devoted wife of 35 years of an Air Force veteran, a stay-at-home mother and home educator of 14 sons and daughters, and grandmother of 6.

Deeply patriotic and passionate about preserving the true history of America, Marilyn has a vision of seeing America return to her godly roots. She desires to dispel myths and unveil the truth about the beliefs of the 56 noble men who signed the Declaration of Independence—including, in most cases, their unapologetic faith in Jesus Christ, their character, their insights, their values, and the supreme sacrifices that they willingly made for our freedom. She believes these truths will equip the next generation to help establish our nation once again as a beacon of God’s truth and light to the world.

Marilyn and her husband, Rick, were among the pioneers of the modern home education movement in the early 1980s. Together they founded the Learning Parent ministry, have written over a dozen books, and travel around the country and abroad, speaking at homeschool and Christian parenting conferences to encourage, inspire, and challenge the parents raising the next generation of Americans. They have recently seen their message reaching worldwide through speaking engagements abroad and the translation of their books into many foreign languages.

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For You They Signed

Marilyn Boyer

Teach your family history, character, and Scripture at the same time. For You They Signed gives you the tools you need to train up young nation-changers. By reading about one of the 56 signers per week, you can give your family more than a year’s worth of exciting “family times.” Learn together about the sacrifices made by these great men for our freedom. Inspire your children to become citizens who will reclaim the Christian heritage of America.

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