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The Father-Teen Connection: An Interview with Scott Somerville

Vol. 90, Prg. 16–20
June 15–19, 2009

The teen years can be a challenging period for parents. Whether you’re maintaining a good relationship or trying to overcome barriers that have arisen, making the effort to connect with your teen is an essential and rewarding endeavor. This week, Scott Somerville joins Mike Farris to offer encouragement especially for dads on how—and why—to stay connected with your teen.

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Dad’s Crucial Role
The Teen Challenge
Tearing Down Barriers
Leading by Example
Staying Connected While Letting Go


Scott Somerville Scott Somerville
Scott Somerville entered Harvard Law School with five children and graduated with six, thanks to his amazing wife Marcia (learn more about her at www.TapestryofGrace.com). Scott spent 14 years as a staff attorney at the Home School Legal Defense Association and now serves as General Counsel for Lampstand Press, Ltd. When he isn’t writing contracts, software, or curriculum, Scott writes action/adventure novels for Christian teens. Read Olympus: It’s Not Just a Game!

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Paul Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting parents and their teenagers during the often chaotic adolescent years. With wit, wisdom, humility, and compassion, he shows parents how to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with their teenagers. The teenage years are often viewed by parents as a period to be survived. This book departs from that mentality and describes these tumultuous years as years of boundless possibilities and promise.

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