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Different Ways to Work from Home
Volume 88, Program 22
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Do you envision someone who works from home as either a computer wizard running an online business or a high-powered executive in his custom-designed home office? Think again! Find out how working from home might look for you, on today’s Home School Heartbeat, with HSLDA President Mike Smith.

Mike Smith:
You may not fit your image of someone who works from home, but that doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for the job. With further investigation, you may discover that working from home is just right for your personality and situation.

One expectant mother realized that her job as a legal assistant could be done from a home office. She researched other companies’ flexible work policies and presented her own company with a proposal for allowing her to work from home. She is now able to stay at home with her young son while also working part-time at a job she enjoys.

Another young mother wanted to stay home with her newborn. After trying out two different home businesses, she discovered she had an aptitude for sales and became an Avon representative. It took a lot of hard work, but the income she earned allowed her to be a stay-at-home mom to her son and daughter.

A single mother needed extra income to supplement the child-support she was receiving. She started her own business offering writing classes to homeschoolers. In turn, this has enabled her to continue homeschooling her children during the most expensive high school years.

If you think God might be providing a way for you through working from home, then pray for creativity to shape a job that fits you just right. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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