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Life After Homeschool

Vol. 87, Prg. 21–25
January 26–30, 2009

Homeschooling is a long journey—an investment of time, emotion, and service, all out of the desire to give your child the best education possible. This week, we’ll hear from veteran homeschool moms Elizabeth Smith and Sandra Lovelace on supporting the next generation of homeschoolers.

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Parenting for the Future
Taking the Next Step
Open Doors and Answers to Prayer
After the Kitchen Table
Passing the Baton


Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Elizabeth Smith, wife of HSLDA President Mike Smith, taught three of her four children at home from 1981 to 1996, when the youngest entered college. For over 20 years, Elizabeth’s practical wisdom has encouraged audiences at homeschool conferences, symposiums, and women’s retreats throughout the United States. Michael and Elizabeth have appeared several times on Focus on the Family’s radio program. Elizabeth has lobbied on pro-family issues in her state capitol and in Washington, D.C., for the National Center for Home Education since 1993. She is on the boards of Breakthrough Intercessors Prayer Ministry and the National Black Home Educators Resource Association, and serves as national spokesperson for Considering Homeschooling.org. In addition to teaching women’s Bible studies at her local church, Elizabeth is a counselor at a local pro-life ministry.

Sandra Lovelace
The Lovelace Family Curt and Sandra Lovelace are homeschool pioneers who are approaching their 40th wedding anniversary for which they give God the glory. The Lovelace family enjoyed a rich and exciting adventure during their 20 years of active homeschooling. They report that they learned a lot as they applied themselves to the frontier tasks of the early days. Sandra was the legislative contact during their time of state board service. Along the way the Lord opened doors into a variety of multi-cultural experiences and a multitude of opportunities to get to know Him and His world.

After graduating their youngest daughter, Curt and Sandra were able to give more attention to their speaking and writing ministry, www.LifeworkForum.org. The Lord moved Sandra through the transition into a broader sphere of influence for homeschooling. She now travels widely to share her education, experience and expertise as International Consultant for HSLDA. She has debated homeschool freedoms and cared for national and expatriate homeschool families in a number of European and Asian countries. Sandra also invests her loving energy into the homeschool experience of their three grandchildren. She is a well-received speaker who is known for her candor and warmth.

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