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How to Hear the Call: Finding Your Vocation
Volume 85, Program 24
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From birth, some children seem to instinctively recognize their callings. If your child isn’t inspired to a particular vocation, though, how do you help him? Find out today from Dr. Gene Edward Veith, on Home School Heartbeat with HSLDA President Mike Smith.

Mike Smith:
Dr. Veith, your book on vocation, God at Work, talks about how vocation is determined both by talent or skill and by interest. How can parents encourage students who don’t have a strong sense of where their talents and interests lie, or whose interests don't seem to be related to a practical field?

Dr. Veith:
Well, I think parents should be patient with their kids in this. I think very young children have no business really deciding what they’re going to do when they grow up, before they really see what they’re good at.

One of the points about vocation, remember, God is calling people to something. It isn’t something you choose for yourself. It isn’t something you do research and see where the jobs are, and then go with that. The way He manifests that is often through leading, through opportunities, through doors opening, through doors slamming in your face. And I think we can trust that God will lead His people where He wants them to be, eventually. So we can put it in God’s hands.

In the meantime, let children sort of pursue the interests that they have. But when they do show an inclination—maybe it’s to cars, or an interest in writing or music—those can be a clue to where God is calling them. But ultimately, it’s up to God, and we can trust that He’ll bring them where He wants them to be.

Well, that’s great practical advice. Until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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Dr. Gene Edward Veith’s book unpacks the doctrine of vocation, emphasizing what God does in and through our callings. He gives a spiritual framework for thinking about the tasks God has given us in our workplaces, families, churches, and society.

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