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Wish Your Children Loved to Read?

Vol. 83, Prg. 21–25
July 14–18, 2008

Every homeschooling parent knows that reading is important. What you may not know is how to cultivate a love of reading and incorporate reading into your everyday routine. Author Richard Grant shares how to pick books for yourself and your children, how to set aside a daily reading time, and why telling bedtime stories can produce lasting rewards.

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Put Down the Laptop, Kids, and Pick Up a Book
Putting the Fun Back into Reading
The Personal Perks of Story Time
Renewing Your Love of Reading
The Beauty of Bedtime Stories


Richard Lewis Grant
Richard Lewis Grant

Author Richard Lewis Grant is an educator with over 25 years’ experience, a popular conference speaker, and a renowned storyteller. He is the author of the I Love to Read series, which includes Silverglade—The Dream, Silverglade—People of Light, Goldenrod—Secret Hope, Goldenrod—Mystery, and Goldenrod—Dark of the Night. He is also the headmaster of Advantage Preparatory Schools (APS), designed to aid homeschooling parents in the home education process. APS has assisted with the homeschooling over 5,000 students over the past 20 years.

Grant holds a bachelor of arts degree in Communicative Disorders with an emphasis on special education of the hearing impaired. He has taught professionally at both the junior and senior high school level as well as the college level. Both Richard and his wife, Cindee, enjoy relationships with homeschool leaders and authors within and outside of California and are popular conference speakers. In addition, both are actively involved in the local church.

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Silverglade—The Dream

Richard Grant

Author Richard Grant created his two-book Silverglade series as part of his kids’ bedtime routine, but you can use them for a reading vacation any time! Click on the link above to find out how to order Silverglade—The Dream.

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