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Patrick Henry College Institute

Vol. 78, Prg. 1–5
October 15–19, 2007

As mainstream America becomes dominated by a relativistic worldview, how do Christians stay grounded in the truth of the Bible? This week, Dr. Graham Walker and Dr. Gene Edward Veith will unpack some ideas that are threatening the basic principles of the American founding, absolute truth, and Christian higher education.

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A Center for Christian Analysis
Winning the Culture War
When Evangelical Colleges Turn Liberal
How Should We Respond to Truth?
Is Beauty Objective?

Dr. Graham Walker
Dr. Graham Walker is President of Patrick Henry College. Dr. Walker formerly served as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OWU) in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He brings extensive academic and teaching credentials, a history of Christian leadership, and broad experience in university administration to his new role. He earned his Ph.D. in political philosophy from Notre Dame in 1988, the same year he received the Edward S. Corwin Award from the American Political Science Association for the best dissertation in the nation in the field of public law. His first book, the Ethics of F.A. Hayek, was published in 1986. His second book, Moral Foundations of Constitutional Thought, was published in 1990 by Princeton University Press. He has also published a variety of essays and chapters in academic journals and books, along with essays in publications including The American Spectator, the Los Angeles Times and National Review Online. For more biographical information, visit www.phc.edu.

Dr. Gene Edward Veith
Dr. Gene Veith is the Provost and professor of literature at Patrick Henry College, which includes working with the faculty, managing the curriculum, and administering the educational services, including the library and the registrar’s office. He also teaches literature and other liberal arts courses. He is the author of 17 books on topics involving Christianity and culture, classical education, literature, and the arts. He previously served as the Culture Editor of World Magazine. He has been a Fellow at the Capital Research Center and the Heritage Foundation. He received his B.A. in Letters (Literature, Philosophy, History, and Classics) from the University of Oklahoma and his M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of Kansas. He and his wife, Jackquelyn, have three grown children. For more biographical information visit www.phc.edu.

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