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The Homeschool Cooperative Model
Volume 77, Program 22
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It can be lonely as the lone ranger! Community is a valuable part of homeschooling. Join us as Jay St. John talks about the benefits of homeschool networking on today’s Home School Heartbeat with Mike Smith.

Mike Smith:
Jay, you and your wife Heidi described your vision as helping churches build a network of independent homeschool co-ops. What are the benefits to a church that starts a co-op program?

Jay St. John:
That’s a great question, I would say the first thing, is because of the rapid growth of homeschooling, there’s tremendous opportunity for evangelism within the homeschool community. In the area where we live, Christians make up just one of the many different religions now represented in homeschooling. For example, there are wiccan homeschoolers, atheist homeschoolers, even pagan homeschoolers associations springing up here and around the country. First Class is an outreach to all homeschoolers; we draw families to the church by providing an excellent program that is centered around the truth of God’s word. In fact, Heidi and I have seen whole families come to know the Lord through the ministry of First Class. The other benefit is that churches grow when they reach out to homeschooling families. If a co-op family is looking for a church to become part of, they naturally visit a church they’re already comfortable in. By opening their doors to a First Class Homeschool co-op, the church is meeting a real need in the homeschooling community and using their resources to buildup the kingdom of God. Tim Crownover, senior pastor at Northside Baptist Church in Vancouver, Washington, is just one of the pastors that tells us how blessed their church has been to see their facility being used to minister to homeschool families. They have just over 400 people that meet there for classes each Friday during the school year. It’s really an exciting ministry.

Well, Jay, that’s great to hear and I appreciate you sharing that with us. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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