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Position on Marriage
Volume 76, Program 7
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This week’s Home School Heartbeat features an interview with presidential candidate former Governor Mike Huckabee from Arkansas. Home School Heartbeat has invited all of the 2008 candidates to participate, and an interview will be aired for each candidate who accepts. Each candidate will be asked exactly the same questions. Neither this interview nor any others should be construed to be a political endorsement.

Mike Farris:
Governor Huckabee, how do you plan to protect the sanctity of marriage as president?

Governor Huckabee:
You know, when you think about it, the reason that marriage is important is because it is in the context of a marital relationship with children that we train our replacements. If we have a marriage structure that breaks down and fails, how do the kids coming up in the next generation know how to have a relationship with another human being that would result in a stable family? The truth is, they don’t. So, with every generation where the divorce rate goes up, the social problems that come with divorce, all those things radically go up with it. That’s why, when I hear people say, well I don’t think the government ought to be talking about the stability of marriage and the divorce rate, well that’s just being ridiculously short-sighted because the government pays out the nose because of the breakdown of marriage. In Arkansas, when I was governor, we did a covenant marriage bill. I became concerned that it was easier to get out of a marriage than it was to get out of the contract for having purchased a used car. I believe we ought to have a constitutional amendment that affirms that marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman and it’s nothing else. This is not against homosexuals; it’s not against anybody. It’s for the traditional, marital relationship, and we have a responsibility to try to preserve and protect it.

Thank you so much, Mike, for being with us. I’m Mike Farris.

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