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The K-Dad Network

Vol. 72, Prg. 1–5
December 25–29, 2006

Dads, do you know how important your role is in your family’s homeschool? Listen in as Mike Smith and Scott Somerville talk about informing and encouraging homeschool fathers, on this week’s Home School Heartbeat.

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A New Ministry for Homeschool Dads
What’s in a Name?
Helping Dads Succeed
A Vital Role
Getting the Word Out
Scott Somerville

Scott Somerville
Scott Somerville went to Harvard Law School with five children in 1989 and graduated with honors (and a sixth child) in 1992. Before he was a lawyer, Scott was a homeschool activist—as the first president of Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire, Scott battled the New Hampshire rules revision subcommittee to a standstill in their effort to triple the regulations on homeschoolers. That brush with the law was enough to induce him to quit his day job as a programmer, put the house on the market, and move the whole family down to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Scott went straight from Harvard to Home School Legal Defense Association, where he was a staff attorney for 14 years.

In October 2006, Scott left his full-time position at HSLDA to begin the K-Dad Network. He remains of counsel to HSLDA.

Scott has written and spoken extensively on subjects ranging from parental rights to the privacy of the home, but his central concern has always been for the homeschool family—especially the homeschool dad. “The Christian homeschooling father is uniquely positioned to truly gain the desires of his heart: a loving wife, a happy home, wise sons, and delightful daughters,” says Scott. “There are treasures hidden in his home—all he needs to know is where to dig!”

Scott combines his personal experience of over 20 years of homeschooling with his professional expertise. After providing legal assistance to thousands of individual homeschoolers across America, he knows as much about the peril and promise of homeschooling as any man in America. Scott and his wife, Marcia, have put their collective homeschool wisdom together in a series of seminars for couples that include Building Your Homeschool Together and a special February-only couples’ retreat, Come Away with Me. Scott also teaches a weekend seminar for men entitled Principles for Principals. More information about Scott and Marcia’s seminars is available at LampstandLive.com .

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