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Marriage and Homeschooling

Vol. 71, Prg. 6–10
November 13–17, 2006

Sometimes, the challenges of homeschooling can make us forget what’s most important—our marriage. And homeschooling is nearly impossible without the framework of a strong marriage supporting it. This week, Mike Farris is joined by his pastor, Joe Holman, to share tips on keeping marriages healthy. They remind couples to work as a team, spend time with each other, and focus on relationships over tasks. By building our marriages, we can strengthen our families and dramatically improve our homeschool experience.

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When You Want to Homeschool and He Doesn’t
Putting Your Marriage First
Just for Dads
Finding Time to Talk
Dealing with Relatives
Joe Holman

Joe Holman
Joe Holman has been married to his best friend, Denise, for 22 years. During that time, the Lord has given them 10 children. The best thing Joe has ever done is commit his life to being a follower of Jesus Christ when he was in college pursuing a degree in business. After receiving his master’s degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Joe became a pastor in Colorado. Since February 2000, Joe has been the pastor and teaching elder of Blue Ridge Bible Church in Purcellville, Virginia. And now, in response to God’s call to the mission field, Joe and his family will be moving to the Andes Mountains in Bolivia after they raise the needed support. Joe’s passion is to enable people to continually experience the presence of God, and to love God more as the result of a deeper understanding of Him.

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A Sacred Foundation

Michael P. Farris and Reed Elam

Veteran home school Fathers—HSLDA Chairman & General Counsel Michael Farris, Esq., and Family Counselor Reed Elam—both offer keen insight into an area rarely addressed: the stress on the marriage of home school parents. They offer many practical steps that spouses can take to keep the foundation of their relationship not merely intact, but strong and thriving.

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