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Bringing History to Life

Vol. 65, Prg. 16–20
February 6–10, 2006

Do you love history, but struggle to help your children see its relevance? Get some ideas for showing your kids the “story” in history—whether by connecting personalities and events, acting out significant occasions from the past, or looking at the flow of history from God’s sovereign perspective. Your homeschool program will come to life!

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The History of the Bible in English
Seeing God’s Sovereignty in History
Drama Brings History to Life
Overwhelming? Narrow Your Focus!
Evaluating the Source

Response to Roman Catholic concerns

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

Nothing in my brief remarks on radio should be understood to disparage the Roman Catholic Church of today. HSLDA takes no position on such issues and my comments were not intended otherwise.

That does not mean that I agree with the actions of the Roman Catholic Church or the Church of England or any other officially established church during the era of Wycliffe, et al.

I think that an objective reading of history will demonstrate the prime importance of getting the Bible into the hands of ordinary people. Without the popular distribution of the Bible, we would not have American self-government and the free world would not exist.

I do not understand current Catholic teaching to say anything contrary these views concerning the importance of the Bible.

Friends will never agree over all details of history. What is important is whether we agree on what should be done today.

The point I was trying to make on Home School Heartbeat was to highlight the importance of the Bible and its influence in our society. No criticisms of any current person or church wwere intended.

—Michael Farris

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Wide as the Waters

Benson Bobrick

Next to the Bible itself, the English Bible was--and is- the most influential book every published. The most famous of all English Bibles, the King James Version, was the culmination centuries of work by various translators, from John Wycliffe the fourteenth-century catalyst of English Bible translation, to the committee of scholars who collaborated on the King James translation.

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