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Recording Stories on Tape
Volume 65, Program 14
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Dads, if your daily commute or business travel eats into the time you could be spending with your children, join Mike Smith as he describes one way to have an impact on your children's lives at any time of the day, on today's Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Smith:
    We know that homeschooling works best when both parents are involved. But many fathers find that their work schedules, commutes, and business travel keep them away from their home far more than they would like.

    Dad, one way you can provide spiritual nurturing for your children during the day is to record stories on tape.

    Children love to hear stories on tape and will listen to them over and over again. The Christian market is flooded with tapes of stories and songs. Buying them can be expensive, and often their message is shallow or redundant. But when you make your own tapes, dads, the content is completely trustworthy. And your tapes provide an opportunity for your influence to be felt at home throughout the day.

    The tapes aren't for sale, and your kids won't mind if your recording is less than perfect—they'll love hearing your story. Tell some of your personal experiences and life lessons or simply read a favorite book. This simple tape allows you to consistently speak into your children's lives and help shape their character—even when you're forced to be away from home on business.

    At the same time, you're helping mom with important child training and fulfilling God's commands in Scripture for fathers to teach their children. And until next time, I'm Mike Smith.

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