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Homeschoolers and Military Enlistment

Vol. 62, Prg. 16–20
September 12–16, 2005

For years, homeschoolers faced difficulty and even rejection when attempting to join the military. But the tide is turning. This week, Mike Smith talks with three guests about current military policy regarding homeschoolers, where to gather information about the armed forces, and how homeschooling helps provide students with the skills necessary for military service.

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A viable path
Equal treatment for homeschool grads
Where to start
Preparing for a military career
Planning ahead


Jonathan Bisulca

Jonathan BisulcaJonathan Bisulca is 17 years old and entering his senior year of high school. He has been home- schooled since kindergarten. After high school, Jonathan plans to attend Virginia Military Institute, and upon graduation, be commissioned as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. Jonathan also enjoys playing hockey and paintball and being with family and friends.

Zach Martin

Zach MartinZach Martin is a 2005 graduate of Patrick Henry College with a bachelor's degree in public policy. He is currently applying to the Marine Corps Officer Program. Following a tour in the Marines, Zach plans to earn his MBA and work with start-up companies.

Chris Klicka

Chris KlickaAs Senior Counsel for Home School Legal Defense Association since 1985, Chris has intervened on behalf of thousands of homeschool families across the country who have been threatened by prosecutors, social workers, and truant officers. He has represented many homeschooling families in court and testified before numerous state legislatures and Congress. A popular national speaker, he is the author of The Right Choice: Home Schooling, The Heart of Home Schooling, and several other books. Chris and his wife, Tracy, educate their seven children at home in rural Virginia.

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