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Volume 61, Program 10
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What do the scientific method and homeschooling have in common? Today on Home School Heartbeat, HSLDA President Mike Smith turns to the life of George Washington Carver to find out.

    Mike Smith:

    Experimentation is the willingness to try something over and over again. As a scientist, George Washington Carver had to conduct thousands of experiments to develop various hybrids and determine how to return nutrients to the soil. Some of his experiments never succeeded—such as his attempt to cultivate silk. Others succeeded over and above his expectations.

    George applied the concept of experimentation to the rest of his life, as well. When he first entered college, he studied painting. Although his instructor recognized his talent, she was concerned that George would not be able to make a living through art and advised him to study science instead. Realizing the soundness of this advice, George transferred to a new school to study agriculture. George's willingness to explore new ideas and even change the course of his college career resulted in amazing success.

    The freedom to experiment is one of the strengths of home education. If a child is struggling to understand a particular math concept, we can stop the lesson, go back and review, or move forward in a different direction. But like Carver, we should realize that before we can succeed, we must first be willing to fail. We may need to try several different responses before we find the one that solves this particular challenge. But our willingness to experiment with solutions will ultimately result in success.

    And until next time, I'm Mike Smith.

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