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Interview with Michael Farris�Part 2
Volume 58, Program 7
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Just a few months ago in December, the first ever transatlantic moot court competition took place between students from Patrick Henry College and Oxford University's Balliol College. On today's Home School Heartbeat , host Mike Smith interviews Michael Farris about the upcoming rematch.

    Mike Smith:
    Mike, part of the original agreement with the Oxford teams was that they would come over to the States this spring and argue a case based on American law. When will that occur, and what will it look like?

    Michael Farris:
    In March we will be having the return engagement, where rather than debating British contract law as we did in Britain, we'll be debating American constitutional law. The preliminary rounds in Oxford were judged by a trial court judge from the Bristol, England, area, who was also an alumnus of Balliol College, and then we had two of their equivalent of the Supreme Court judging the finals, and we hope to do something similar to that. The question this time will be on American constitutional law, on an international law topic relative to constitutional law, and it's of interest to both Britain and to the United States. And we think that it'll be a very intellectually stimulating but, again, a tremendous experience, to give both sets of students a really world-class educational opportunity to test themselves against not only the other competitors but against some very fine judges. One of the things that was the most encouraging to me was the alumni dinner that was held afterwards there at Balliol. The clear success in public life of the graduates of this college gave me an inspiration for what it could be like 30, 40 years from now in Patrick Henry.

    Join us next time as Mike talks with one of the Patrick Henry College students who went on the trip. And until next time, I'm Mike Smith.

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