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Law school bound

Vol. 54, Prg. 11–15
August 9–13, 2004

Whether you're interested in becoming a lawyer, a judge, or a politician, getting from high school to law school can seem like a daunting journey. This week on Home School Heartbeat, Michael Farris and his guests talk about steps to take along the way. From participating in internships and debate to simply building a strong GPA, prospective law students can begin now to improve their writing and reasoning skills and gain experience in the legal field.

America needs lawyers and judges who understand the law and know how to apply it wisely. If you or someone you know shares that dream, remember that with a little hard work and determination, you can pursue it.

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A solution to judicial tyranny
Interested in law school?
Preparing for law school
Moot court

Guest: Tuesday & Wednesday

David McKennett

David McKennett grew up in Montana, where he attended two years of college. After transferring to Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, he participated in debate and soccer and graduated summa cum laude (with highest honors). While at PHC, David interned at Kirkland & Ellis LLP and the Republican National Committee. He now attends George Mason University School of Law in Virginia, where he is senior articles editor of the Civil Rights Law Journal and president of the Christian Legal Society. David is currently serving as a Blackstone Fellow for the Alliance Defense Fund with a clerkship in Lincoln, Nebraska, for Family First.

Guest: Thursday & Friday

Galen Thorp

Galen Thorp grew up on the mission field in Bonaire and Sri Lanka. His parents began homeschooling him in third grade. After graduating from high school, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Government from Patrick Henry College in 2004. Galen aspires to a career in appellate litigation and will be attending Georgetown University's law program this fall.

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