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A solution to judicial tyranny
Volume 54, Program 11
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Judicial tyranny has a stranglehold on America's court system. What can we do about it? Michael Farris discusses a solution on today's Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:
    After nearly 30 years of defending constitutional rights in court, I've seen firsthand the dangers of judicial tyranny. True justice can only be carried out in the long run by people of character and integrity, who will uphold our Constitution no matter the cost.

    But we also live in an age of "Ivy League tyranny," when all the current justices on the Supreme Court come from a handful of elite liberal colleges and universities. To return our justice system to what the Founders meant it to be, we need judges and lawyers who share our convictions and who are of Ivy League caliber. But where can we find them?

    At Patrick Henry College, we're training young, intelligent students through a combination of academic excellence and a solid belief in the original intent of the Constitution. These students are being prepared both spiritually and intellectually to fight for justice in our nation's court system. And it's working.

    Patrick Henry College students are being accepted at top law schools across the country. Their internships range from congressional offices to research organizations to the White House Counsel's office. They are on a fast track to becoming the best lawyers and judges in America.

    I'm excited about the impact that homeschool students are already having on the legal field. Who knows? Maybe one day, a majority of the Supreme Court will be homeschool graduates. And true justice will once again reign supreme.

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