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Putting Your Marriage First
Volume 52, Program 2
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There is no doubt that the responsibilities of homeschooling can add stress to even the best of marriages. Join Michael Farris and his pastor, Joe Holman, as they talk about putting your partner first on today's Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:
    Joe, what have you and your wife Denise done to make sure that homeschooling doesn't get in the way of your relationship?

    Joe Holman:
    You know, Mike, that's a great question. And what I like to share with people is that when it comes to homeschooling, division ought to be in math, not in the marriage.

    One of the things that my wife and I do is we try to see to it that our homeschooling is a team effort. That keeps it from competing with each of us as individuals. That doesn't mean that I help do the teaching—my schedule doesn't allow that—but what I do is I see to it that enabling her to do her job is a priority to me. And then the things that we can do together, we do. For example, we choose curriculum together; we attend seminars or conferences together; we plan school days and field trips together that I can go on them whenever possible.
    And then we also do practical things to build our relationship. With 10 kids, they're cheap dates, but we go on at least one date a week. We talk, we talk, we talk. Mike, I guess the key is to make your relationship the priority in every area of your life, and it will be in homeschooling as well.

    Joe, I absolutely agree. If my relationship with Vickie is not at its peak strength, our homeschooling's all for naught. Thanks so much. I'm Mike Farris.

Homeschooling can lead to unexpected strain in a marriage. Mike Farris' book, A Sacred Foundation, addresses this subject. For ordering information, call 866-338-8614. That's 866-338-8614. Or visit us online at homeschoolheartbeat.com.

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