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Bio and Chem and Physics--Oh My!
Volume 50, Program 24
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Do my teenagers really need to study biology, chemistry, and physics? Join Michael Farris as he talks about this important topic today on Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:
    Biology, chemistry, and physics are typically studied in the last three years of high school. Most college prep curricula include these courses along with the corresponding higher levels of mathematics, since both chemistry and physics require an advanced understanding of algebra. Parents who stop their homeschooling after the 8th grade often cite their insecurity about teaching science as a major reason for their choice. But that doesn't have to be the case. Many good science courses, taught from a Christian perspective, are now available. Traditional programs offer video classrooms and videotaped labs. Online courses offer teacher assistance in a distance-learning format. Many home educators in my area use their local community college for these upper-level courses, and some enroll in Patrick Henry College as well, so that their students earn college credit while finishing the rest of their schooling at home. Science co-ops are popular, relying on the expertise of one parent to teach the science program to all the students. One of our daughters took her science courses at a local Christian school. Though taking on these upper-level science courses might seem challenging for both teacher and student, there is a real need for a well-educated Christian witness in these fields. The moral questions raised by modern science will go unanswered if Christians are not trained to apply their faith in this arena. By encouraging our children to seek more advanced training in science we prepare them to stand in the gap when these ethical issues are raised. I'm Mike Farris.

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Teaching science can be fun and easy! This list of resources can help you find a science curriculum that will work for your homeschool, whether a traditional textbook, experimental science course, or CD-Rom program. Help your kids find the fun in science.

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