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Creating Emotional Stability for our Families
Volume 50, Program 11
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How do moms contribute to the emotional stability of their family relationships? Join Michael Farris and Zan Tyler as they talk about a mother's important role on today's Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:
    Zan, you've done a lot of things in your career, but I know that you've worked hard to put your marriage and your children first. Has your life followed the plan you thought it was going to?

    Zan Tyler:
    Mike, my life has not followed any plan that I thought it would follow. When I was a student in college, my only goals were for career and for law school. And then Joe proposed to me our junior year, and it really made me mad because it was destroying all these carefully laid plans.

    There were two things I said I would never do: one was teach, and one was have children. And so I've spent my entire adult life teaching my own children at home, and the thing that made the difference was someone gave me a book by Elisabeth Elliot, Let Me Be a Woman, and my life did a 180-degree turnaround as I was confronted with the scriptural claims that God does have a different plan for women than he does have for men.

    And I think one of the things that God gives to women is a career choice that involves taking care of the emotional relationships in the home. And so I do believe that as a wife I have to be very emotionally vulnerable to my husband, and then to my children.

    Zan, I've known you and your family for a long time, and I know that your kids have been the beneficiaries of those good choices that you made early in your marriage. I'm Mike Farris.

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