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Emotional Benefits of Entrepreneurialism
Volume 49, Program 33
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Homeschool students can learn a great deal about themselves if you incorporate a study of entrepreneurship into their curriculum. Today on Home School Heartbeat, Mike Smith talks about the emotional lessons students can learn from starting a small business.

    Mike Smith:
    Are you looking for a way to challenge your children's creativity? Try giving them a realistic assignment and an opportunity to test themselves.

    First and foremost, a small business project will teach your child about success and failure. Many adults in this world have never learned to win or lose with grace, but your child can begin those lessons at an early age. He will soon discover that in each venture, there will be some failure. Instead of letting that be a gauge of his long-term success, you can help your child pick himself up, dust himself off, and start again.

    In addition, an entrepreneurial venture will forge good work habits and goal-setting abilities. As adults, we all know that some of the most powerful rewards are earned by working hard and achieving your own goals.

    While your student engages in self-employment, he will undoubtedly have to become resourceful. If you structure the project correctly, a student will quickly recognize that limited resources make the venture more difficult. He will see that it usually takes money to make money.

    The important thing is to help your child set realistic goals. Challenging your child to challenge himself in a reasonable way will pay off for the rest of his life. And until next time, I'm Mike Smith.

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