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Interview with Terri Camp�Part 5
Volume 49, Program 30
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Have you ever had the WWW syndrome? Tune in as homeschool mom Terri Camp talks about her case of WWW with host Michael Farris on today's Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:
    In the life of every mom, homeschooler or not, there are occasional days that, well...Terri, I'll let you describe them.

    Terri Camp:
    Well, I call it the "WWW syndrome," which is not the "World Wide Web" syndrome but the "Wicked Witch of the West" syndrome. And it's especially horrible if I'm sweeping, because then I have a broom in my hands, and I will just go through the house and, you know, there's cereal everywhere and the kids aren't doing their jobs, and they're maybe whining about doing their math. There are just so many little things that will start piling on each other, that I will suddenly burst out and say, "Oh, why can't you clean up," and I'll start going on and on until finally I'll run up to my room and throw myself on my bed and just start crying. And that's when God's unconditional love comes in and says, "You know, you messed up, but I love you anyway. And those kids love you, and you love them." And that healing can come in so quickly, and I can go downstairs and say, "Hey, you guys, you know I really messed up. Can you forgive me?" And they will resoundingly say yes, every time.

    Terri, that kind of unconditional love is at the heart of every strong marriage and great parenting relationship. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement this week. I'm Mike Farris.

For ordering information on Terri Camp's new book, If It Weren't for Eve, I'd Be a Perfect Wife, give us a call toll-free at 866-338-8614. Or visit us online at homeschoolheartbeat.com.

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"If only Eve hadn't eaten the fruit," laments Camp, there'd be no pain in childbirth, no wrinkles, no stretch marks . . . In this honest, warmhearted account, she reminds fellow wives and homeschool mothers that they're not alone in their struggle to face personal shortcomings and seek God's path to healing and fullness in marriage.

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