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Our Crumbling Culture
Volume 48, Program 16
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Are you frightened by the problems of the world around you, but unsure about what can be done to fix them? This week HSLDA's president, Michael Smith, talks about the homeschool perspective on this issue.

    Mike Smith:

    Take a look at the world around you. You don't have to look far to see that our culture does not reflect Christian values as it once did. Are Christians doing anything about this problem? Is there anything they can do?

    As Christians we're called to make a difference in the world around us. As homeschoolers, we are in a unique position to teach our children to impact the culture they are inheriting for Christ.

    But are homeschoolers up to the challenge? They need to be. Ignoring the potential homeschooled graduates have to impact our culture for good would be tragic.

    Homeschool students tend to be protected from the negative aspects of our culture. This is not a bad thing. Children do not need to be bombarded with sin before they are ready to handle it from a biblical perspective.

    Yet at the same time our children will some day be adults, and their careers and callings will likely require them to interact with a large portion of the world. They must use the tools developed during their homeschool years to shine the light of Christ into a culture that has turned its back on truth. Homeschool parents must make sure that when the time comes, their children are ready. And until next time, I'm Mike Smith.

We've put together a free resource sheet that suggests books and other materials to help you teach your children how to be salt and light. When you call, just ask for Home Schoolers Engaging Their Culture. Also, if you are just beginning to homeschool your children, ask for the free brochure - Home Schooling: Start Here. Call us toll-free at 866-338-8614. Or go to our website at homeschoolheartbeat.com.

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Engaging the Culture: A reading list from HSLDA

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If you'd like to read further about how parents can prepare their children to engage their culture for Christ, click below to read "Engaging the Culture: A Reading List from HSLDA." We have put together a list of good books for your consideration.

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