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Importance of Writing

Vol. 47, Prg. 21–25
September 15–19, 2003

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Whatever Happened to Good Writing?
Getting Excited About Writing
Learning to Write Well
How to Write an Essay
Overcoming Challenges


Dianne Hurst

When not busy finding yard sales, Dianne Hurst enjoys—more than anything else—teaching "average" kids to write more than almost anything else. Her favorite format is a crash course at the beginning or end of a school year that takes students from being non-writers to authors of literary essays on the college level in less than two weeks!

The course is based not only on Payne's The Lively Art of Writing but also on experience in teaching writing that Dianne gleaned through several years of teaching English at the junior and senior high levels and then at the college level, both at Kankakee Community College and at Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois. She holds a BA in English from Cornerstone University, a BS in Education from Calvin College, and a MA in English from Governor's State University.

In 1984, Dianne was asked to produce a grammar curriculum for the ATI program, and spent the next several years writing an advanced sentence diagraming course called Sentence Analysis. The Textbook, Workbook, Answer Key, Quiz Booklet, and Parent Guide are available from the Institute in Basic Life Principles in Oak Brook, Illinois. Her second-favorite thing to teach "average" kids is the "big picture" of analytical grammar so they can grasp the simplicity and orderliness of God's design of language. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to figure out a way to teach diagraming in two weeks or less!

Dianne's enjoyment of the written word extends to editing, as well. Several years ago, she helped edit Cultural Change and Your Church by Potock and Henriques, published by Baker Books, and is currently helping to edit Argumentation and Debate: The Next Step.

Wife of HSLDA Membership and Human Resources Director, Chuck Hurst, Dianne homeschools their 13 year-old son Jacob. Jackye (17) is attending a local community college this year, and Jennifer (19) is a senior at James Madison University majoring in accounting.

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Lively Art of Writing

Lucile Vaughan Payne

Students, teachers, businessmen, aspiring authors, complaining consumers, all have on thing in comon—the need to express successfully ideas, opinions, arguments, problems, explanations, or insturctions through the medium of the written word. And The Lively Art of Writing is the perfect guide to the mastery of this essential skill.

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