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What Real Homeschooling Is Like
Volume 45, Program 31
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Do those so-called "expert" homeschoolers with all the answers seem out of touch with reality? Join Chairman Michael Farris and his wife, Vickie, as they talk about what real homeschooling is like today on Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:

    Vickie, I know that a lot of moms say, "You know, I feel like I'm working so hard, and I'm not making any progress towards the goals I've set." How does a mom know if she has set realistic goals?


    Well, basically, God calls us just to be faithful and to do our best. So, even if you aren't seeing results, you just need to trust God to bring ultimate results. Pray and ask Him to be working in your children, even when you don't see the results. Now, I do think just in talking to moms, that many moms, of course, are worried about doing enough, and sometimes they just work themselves and their kids to death, and everybody just wants to quit. So, I really think if you just focus on the basics--reading, writing, arithmetic, good thinking skills, good study skills--and especially if you're working to build godly character into your children, they're going to be fine. Now, if you have time to do extra things, and if you want to do a foreign language and you want to get into science or something, that's great. But I think focusing on the basics and then just building that character, your kids are going to be able to do anything they want to do if they have good character and they know how to study and they have the basics.

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