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Maintaining Sanity
Volume 45, Program 20
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Is your teenage homeschool son driving you crazy? See how other parents managed as Chairman Michael Farris interviews a Patrick Henry College student today on Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:

    Getting through the teenage years can be real a challenge, especially sometimes working with your sons. Today I'm talking with PHC sophomore, Matthew Brownfield about how he made it through that rite of passage. Matthew, welcome to the program.


    Thanks, Dr. Farris.

    Mike Farris:

    Matthew, what was your biggest challenge as a teenager?


    Dealing with the fact that sometimes I could be wrong. That was a struggle throughout all my high school years.

    Mike Farris:

    What did your mom and dad do to get around that problem?


    Well, I think actually the biggest thing my parents did was begin homeschooling. I didn't begin homeschooling until the 9th grade. I was public educated all the way through up to that point, and I don't think any of us really realized the attitude problem that I had, especially with authority and not being able to admit that I was wrong. And getting in the environment with my mom especially on a daily basis just acted really to humble me in a lot of ways. You know, you can be wrong, and you are quite often, honestly. You know, to look at that and to get me in a situation that was a little more real to where there was authority there that I had to respect and that I had to obey was very helpful.

    Mike Farris:

    Matthew, thanks so much for being on our program. May God bless you in your studies as well as your future! I'm Mike Farris.

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