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One Parent�s Solution to Teaching Boys
Volume 45, Program 19
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Is teaching your teenage son making your hair turn gray? Hear one parent's solution as Chairman Michael Farris talks with a Patrick Henry College student on this edition of Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:

    I'm talking today with Patrick Henry College junior, Joel Moughon. Joel, welcome to the program.


    I'm glad to be here.

    Mike Farris:

    Joel, what do you think your mom would say was the hardest thing about teaching you as a teenager?


    That's very simple. She'd say motivation. I hated school.

    Mike Farris:

    Well, there are 50,000 moms who just perked up their ears, because they thought, "Boy, that's exactly how my son is like, my 13, 14, 15-year-old son." How did you get through those years, and what did your mom do?


    The biggest thing my parents did to motivate me in high school was to get me involved in debate. As I was beginning high school, my parents introduced me to the concept of debate and actually forced me to participate. And I was not at all interested in public speaking, definitely not interested in researching the topic for a year. It was a topic on foreign military intervention of which I had no interest in whatsoever. But after having done debate for three years in high school and then, following that, three years in college, I have to say that I thank my parents so much. I've made more friends through debate. I think I've learned more academically through debate. I've been forced to research a number of different policy topics. I've learned how to speak in public in a way I was never able to before. And I just am so thankful for that opportunity. And it really motivated me in a way that nothing else they tried ever did.

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