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Focusing the mind of the distracted student
Volume 43, Program 25
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"Why are you reading the comics when I sent you upstairs to do math?" Michael Farris reveals the key to focusing the mind of a distracted student, today on Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:

    We'll wrap up our series today with Mr. Distracted; he's the boy who just can't keep his mind on his work.

    You've made sure his desk is empty of all but his current subject, you've unplugged the phone, you've kept the little children quiet, and you've kept an eye on him, pulling him back to task if he gets distracted. But Mr. Distracted keeps going off on a tangent.

    Powers of concentration have to be developed, and your teenage son needs your help to mature. When out on his own, your son's future work environment will not be a distraction free zone. Talk with your son to identify what causes him to drift off course.

    To help build your son's ability to concentrate, try requiring focused thought for short periods, and then provide a break. Most adults can't work non-stop without some refreshment. Don't expect that of a teenage boy either.

    Set a time limit on breaks. Make a list together of acceptable break-time activities, so mom doesn't find junior downstairs playing nintendo long after the break is supposed to end.

    You want him to develop self-discipline. If he knows that he can take a break after truly concentrating, he'll try harder. Learning to focus on what is at hand is a skill that will help your son succeed in whatever he attempts in life. I'm Mike Farris.

How important is the father in homeschooling? Michael Farris gives you the keys to success in his book, "The Home Schooling Father," available for a minimum donation of $10.00. Call us toll free at 866-338-8614. That's 866-338-8614.

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